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Member Services

The following services are offered to PCOT members:

  • Contract Review

    • Individual

    • Group through PCOT

  • Contract Offerings

    • Individual if Agency Agreement is executed

    • Group through PCOT

  • Credentialing

    • Delegation of Credentialing in most MC contracts

    • Application merge for Credentialing with MCO's who are not contracted directly with the PCOT

  • Education

    • Physician Education

    • Monthly Clinic Staff Education

  • Fee Schedule Analysis

  • Library Resources at PCOT office

  • Group Purchasing Opportunities

  • Payer Conflict Resolution

  • Joint Marketing Relationships with other area physician groups

    • Physicians and Provider Group, Inc Longview, Texas

    • Nacogdoches Area Physicians Association

    • HANET - Health Affiliates of North East Texas

  • Referral Service for physicians and health plan members

  • Physician network for health plans or direct employer groups


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